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Dino Sabatini


Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of Italy, Dino Sabatini is a seasoned producer whose rich oeuvre has not only bolstered his local electronic music realm but has also sculpted a new narrative for modern-day electronic music. His creations, while being quintessentially contemporary and precisely engineered, echo a deep resonance with the forgotten wisdom and mythologies that have fueled human creativity through the ages.

The name of Sabatini’s personal music label, Outis—derived from Homer’s Odyssey (OYTIΣ, translating to “no one,” the moniker employed by Odysseus in his cunning deceit of the cyclops Polyphemus)—is a brilliant reflection not just of the label, but of Sabatini’s own artistic persona. Amid the anonymous yet electric wilderness of techno, he transcends the commonplace, infusing a sensory essence into the mechanical realm, occasionally stirring the ancient chords of gods like Poseidon or muses like Mnemosyne.

Sabatini’s discography extends beyond Outis, marking its presence on revered labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts, Elettronica Romana (housing several releases by his ‘Modern Heads’ duo with Gianluca Meloni), Adam X’s Sonic Groove, and Prologue. Those familiar with the ethos of these labels will appreciate the versatility Sabatini showcases, maintaining his signature sound across diverse platforms. His sonic journey has led to the creation of evocative albums like the pulsating darkness of “Small steps EP” on Sonic Groove (2011), the hypnotic trance of “Daughters of Phorcys EPs” on Prologue (2010), and the cinematic narrative of “Shaman’s Path” (2012).

His latest treasure, the “Omonimo LP,” unveils a tender romance, adorned with eloquent collaborations with jazz pianist Antonello Salis. However, Sabatini’s recent release, the “Opera Quattro EP” on his own Outis Music, explores a new auditory terrain. This part of the Outis Opera Series unveils a captivating blend of whimsical electronica underpinned by trip-hop and dub music influences. Balancing gracefully between halftempo drum and bass and organic techno beats, the EP encapsulates Sabatini’s current musings in a deep techno voyage, illustrating his continuous evolution in the boundless techno domain. Sabatini’s collaborative ventures stretch further, with the Modern Heads project, and partnerships with artists like Claudio PRC, Donato Dozzy, Giorgio Gigli, Shapednoise, Edit Select, and Teste, enriching the global techno lexicon. When stitched together, Sabatini’s flourishing career parallels Mircea Eliade’s portrayal of the shaman’s music, narrating ecstatic ascents to celestial realms and perilous descents to the underworld, each venture returning with enduring and meaningful sonic tales.




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